Java Language
Course for All Classes
Sr. No.TopicHours
1Introduction of Java/C++/C1
2Features of Java1
3Class and Object1
4Java Tokens and Identifiers with Rules 2
5Data types & Operators 1
6Input / Output in Java (InputStreamReader/BufferedReader and Scanner)4
7Decision & Iterative Control Structures2
8Methods, Recursion 2
9Static Keyword1
10Method Overloading1
11An Object can be passed to member functions1
12Call By value/reference 1
13Constructors (Default/Parameterized/Constructor Overloading/Copy)3
14Objects can be passed/returned to/from member/non-member functions.2
15Array, Jugged Array 2
16String & StringBuffer 5
18Method overriding 1
19super Keyword1
20final Keyword1
21Types of Inheritance4
23Abstract class1
25Exception handling3
27Java applets2
29AWT controls (Button, Labels, Combo box, list, Text fields, Text Areas, Check Box, Check Box Groups & menus)4
30Listeners (Event Handling)3
31Layout manager3
32HTML: use of commenting, headers, text styling, images, formatting text with , special characters, horizontal rules, line breaks, table, forms, image maps, tags, tags, file formats including image formats.7
34Networking (datagram socket and TCP/IP based server socket)1
35JDBC: Introduction, Drivers, Establishing Connection, Connection Pooling1
36Java Servlets: Introduction, HTTP Servlet Basics, The Servlet Lifecycle, Retrieving Information, Sending HTML Information, Session Tracking, Database Connectivity1
37Java Server Pages: Introducing Java Server Pages, JSP Overview, Setting Up the JSP Environment, Generating Dynamic Content, Using Custom Tag Libraries and the JSP Standard Tag Library, Processing 1
Total Hours76