C++ Language
Course for All Classes
Sr. No.TopicHours
1Introduction of C & C++ (P/L & Str / OOP in short)1
2iostream.h, cout and cin operators.1
3Review of C (Data types, Operators, Decision Control Structures, Loop Control Structures)4
4Functions (Library, User defined, recursion, Call by value, Call by reference)2
5Default parameter value 1
6Object–Oriented Approach (Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Information hiding)2
7Object & Classes, Attributes, methods & Object types1
8C++ Class Declaration, Instantiation of objects1
9Function overloading & An Object can be passed to member functions2
10Constructors (Default/Parameterized/Constructor Overloading/Copy)3
11Objects can be passed/returned to/from member/non-member functions.2
12Operator overloading.1
14Inheritance (all types)2
15Constructors of derived classes1
16Function overriding1
17Single/Hierarchical/Multilevel/Multiple/Hybrid Inheritances, Class hierarchy4
18Derivation – public, private & protected Inheritance2
19Ambiguity in multiple inheritance1
20Nesting of class1
21Nesting of function1
22Array: Array of objects2
23Pointers: Pointer to object2
24The this pointer1
25Dynamic Memory Allocation: new, delete operators2
26Virtual function/Pure virtual function2
27Abstract classes1
28Virtual Base Class/Friend function/inline function3
29Streams and files:Writing/Reading into/from file & Finding/Telling the location of file5
30Polymorphism, Polymorphism by parameter, Parameteric Polymorphism1
31Categorization of polymorphism techniques: Run/Compile time polymorphism1
32Difference between C and C++1
33Template function1
34Generic Functions/Classes1
36Exception handling1
37Relating to other paradigms {Functional, Data decomposition}1
38Abstract data types1
39State, idendity and behaviour of an object1
40C++ garbage collection1
43Composition vs classification hierarchies1
Total Hours67