C Language
Course for BCA I Semester
Sr. No.TopicHours
1Introduction & History1
2C Character set, C Tokens, Keywords, Identifiers, Variables, Constant2
3Structure of ‘C’ Program
Function as building blocks
4Data Types1
5Types of operators,Precedence and Associativity 3
6Comments,Expression,Statement and types of statements1
7Console based I/O and related built in I/O function: printf(), scanf(), getch(), getchar(), putchar();2
8Concept of header files,preprocessor directives: #include, #define.1
9Decision making structures: If, If-else, Nested If-else, Switch.5
10Loop Control structures: for, while, do while, nested for loop.5
11Jump statements: break, continue, goto, exit.2
12Concept of problem solving, Problem solving techniques:Trail & Error, Brain Stroming, Divide & Conquer. Steps in problem solving:Define Problem, Analyze Problem, Explore Solution.4
13Algorithms and Flowcharts (Definitions, Symbols), Characteristics of an algorithm, Conditionals in pseudo-code, Loops in pseudo code, simple Examples: Algorithms and flowcharts (Real Life Examples).7
14Time complexity: Big-Oh notation, efficiency1
15Basic types of function, Declaration and definition, function call, Types of function, Parameter passing, Call by value, Call by reference, Recursion.8
16Scope of variable, Storage classes2
17Addition / Multiplication of integers, Determining if a number is +ve / -ve / even / odd, Maximum of 2 numbers and 3 numbers, Sum of first n numbers and given n numbers, Integer division, Digit reversing, Table generation for n, ab, Factorial, sine series, cosine series,nCr , Pascal Triangle, Prime number,Factors of a number, Other problems such as Perfect number, GCD numbers (Write algorithms and draw flowchart), Swapping.8
18Number System3
Total Hours58

C Language
Course for BCA II Semester
Sr. No.TopicHours
Definition, declaration and initialization of one dimensional array; Accessing array elements; Displaying array elements; Sorting arrays; Arrays and function; Two- Dimensional array: Declaration and Initialization, Accessing and Displaying, Memory representation of array [Row Major, Column Major]; Multidimensional array
Definition and declaration, Initialization; Indirection operator, address of operator; pointer arithmetic; dynamic memory allocation; arrays and pointers; function and pointers
Definition, declaration and initialization of strings; standard library function: strlen(), strcpy(), strcat(), strcmp(); Implementation without using standard library functions
Definition and declaration; Variables initialization; Accessing fields and structure operations; Nested structures.
Definition and declaration; Differentiate between Union and structure
6Introduction C Preprocessor:
Definition of Preprocessor; Macro substitution directives; File inclusion directives; Conditional compilation
7Bitwise Operators
Bitwise operators; Shift operators; Masks; Bit field
8File handling
Definition of Files, Opening modes of files; Standard function: fopen(), fclose(), feof(), fseek(), fewind();Using text files: fgetc(), fputc(), fscanf()
9Command line arguments1
Total Hours46