Computer Application using BlueJ
Course for 9th Std. St. Joseph's School, Jahangirabad (ICSE Board)
Sr. No.TopicHours
1Introduction to Object Oriented Programming concepts
(i) Principles of Object Oriented Programming, (Difference between Procedure Oriented and Object oriented).
(ii) Introduction to JAVA - Types of java programs – Applets and Applications, Java Compilation process, Java Source code, Byte code, Object code, Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Features of JAVA.
2 Elementary Concept of Objects and Classes
Modelling entities and their behaviour by objects, a class as a specification for objects and as an object factory, computation as message passing/method calls between objects (many examples should be done to illustrate this). Objects encapsulate state (attributes) and have behaviour (methods). Class as a user defined data type.
3Values and data types
Character set, ASCII code, Unicode, Escape sequences, Tokens, Constants and Variables, Data types, type conversions.
4Operators in Java
Forms of operators, Types of operators, Counters, Accumulators, Hierarchy of operators, ‘new’ operator, dot ( . ) operator.
5Input in Java
Initialization, Parameter, introduction to packages, Input streams (Scanner Class ), types of errors , types of comments
6Mathematical Library Methods
Introduction to package java.lang [ default ], methods of Math class.
pow(x,y), sqrt(x), cbrt(x), ceil(x), floor(x), round (x), abs(a), max(a, b), min(a,b), random( ).
Java expressions – using all the operators and methods of Math class.
7Conditional constructs in Java
Application of if, if else, if else if ladder, switch-case, default, break.
8Iterative constructs in Java
Definition, Types of looping statements, entry controlled loops [ for, while] , exit controlled loop [do while] , variations in looping statements, and Jump statements.
9Nested for loops
Introduce nested loops through some simple examples.
Demonstrate break and continue statements with the help of nested loops.
Programs based on nested loops [ rectangular, triangular [right angled triangle only] patterns], series involving single variable
10Computing and Ethics
Ethical Issues in Computing.
Intellectual property rights; protection of individual’s right to privacy; data protection on the internet; protection against Spam; software piracy, cybercrime, hacking, protection against malicious intent and malicious code. The stress should be on good etiquette and ethical practices.
Total Hours58