Computer Application using BlueJ
Course for 10th Std. St. Joseph's School, Jahangirabad (ICSE Board)
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1Revision of Class IX Syllabus
(i) Introduction to Object Oriented Programming concepts, (ii) Elementary Concept of Objects and Classes, (iii) Values and Data types, (iv) Operators in Java, (v) Input in Java, (vi) Mathematical Library Methods, (vii) Conditional constructs in Java, (viii) Iterative constructs in Java, (ix) Nested for loops.
2Class as the Basis of all Computation
Objects and Classes
Objects encapsulate state and behaviour – numerous examples; member variables; attributes or features. Variables define state; member methods; Operations/methods/messages/ methods define behaviour.
3User - defined Methods
Need of methods, syntax of methods, forms of methods, method definition, method calling, method overloading, declaration of methods,
Definition of Constructor, characteristics, types of constructors, use of constructors, constructor overloading.
Default constructor, parameterized constructor, constructor overloading., Difference between constructor and method
5Library classes
Introduction to wrapper classes, methods of wrapper class and their usage with respect to numeric and character data types. Autoboxing and Unboxing in wrapper classes.
Access specifiers and its scope and visibility.
Access specifiers – private, protected and public. Visibility rules for private, protected and public access specifiers. Scope of variables, class variables, instance variables, argument variables, local variables.
Definition of an array, types of arrays, declaration, initialization and accepting data of single and double dimensional arrays, accessing the elements of single dimensional and double dimensional arrays.
Arrays and their uses, sorting techniques - selection sort and bubble sort; Search techniques – linear search and binary search, Array as a composite type, length statement to find the size of the array (sorting and searching techniques using single dimensional array only).
8String handling
String class, methods of String class, implementation of String class methods, String array
Total Hours110